Turnkey Services
Turnkey Services
Turnkey Service

XMC turnkey service offers backend supply chains management service, including chip probing test, assembly, and final test. XMC provides a full line of value-added manufacturing services, and currently we have qualified many testing fabs both in China and abroad.

XMC is committed to helping customers substantially reduce their backend production costs and improve the efficiency by selecting professional vendors.

Wafer Probing Service

We have extensive experience and professional team in providing comprehensive 300mm Flash wafer probe or test solutions through our test services facilities.

In addition to testing service for mass production products, XMC also provides engineering chip probing, test program development, as well as failure analysis, reliability testing and test solution.

Assembly and Final Test

XMC offers comprehensive turnkey service on assembly and finished products test to meet customer's requirement。 Assembly and test houses qualified by XMC around the world speed up the entire manufacturing process to shorten the supply chain。

XMC provides efficient logistic service on materials and finished products to meet the demands of the market and customer.

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